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The State Executive Board (SEB)

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Riders Department of Arizona State Executive Board (SEB) is composed of the State Ride Director, the State Assistant Director (SAD), the State Sergeant At Arms (SAA), the State Secretary (SSEC), and the Directors and Assistant Directors of each VFWR Chapter. During SEB meetings each Chapter Director and Assist. Director have a vote. The State Director only votes in the event of a tie. 

The State Director 

The State Director serves as  the Chief VFWR Administrative Officer for the Department of Arizona. He reports to the Department Commander and the VFW Department of Arizona Council of Authority (CofA) at all CofA meetings. Additionally, the State Director oversees the SEB and supervises all affairs of the VFWR, at the department level.

 State Executive Board Contact Information
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Duty PositionChapterNameEmail Address
Duty PositionChapterNameEmail Address
AZ State Assistant Director Picacho Peak Ken Marshall kbck1221@msn.com 
AZ State Director Sky Islands Ken Kovach ken.kovach@cox.net 
AZ State Secretary Thunder Mountain Harry Waddle secretary@azvfwriders.com 
AZ State Sergeant At Arms Thunder Mountain Brian Godsil mpd4307@yahoo.com 
Chapter Asst. Director Old Pueblo Bill Shaffler azdezrider@msn.com 
Chapter Asst. Director Sky Islands Mike Carroll svaz596@gmail.com 
Chapter Asst. Director Thunder Mountain Harry Waddle f16chief2008@yahoo.com 
Chapter Director Borderline Jeff Sorensen  
Chapter Director Old Pueblo Scott Ingersoll etac_romad@msn.com 
Chapter Director Picacho Peak Brad Hazell hazellbrad@yahoo.com 
Chapter Director Thunder Mountain Tom "Renman" Cole tombat60@cox.net 
Chapter Director White Tank Pete Lindert skindiver@cox.net 
Showing 12 items